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Swartberg Pass Paragliding Launch Site

Swartberg Pass: A Majestic Site with Great Views

A majestic site with great views but its very intimidating site when in full thermal mode.

There are two launches; one at the final bend on the road before pass, it's a rough launch and then the pass itself. Flying here in Summer is only for early birds the best time is around 09h00 as the thermals can get very strong and resulting turbulence. Not for beginners or new pilots. We like to fly here in cooler months and the North face has been flown a few times in Winter.


  • Sport or Basic under instruction of Instructor/Observer 
  • Height: 700m
  • Wind direction and Speed: 10-15km South/SE/SW/(North launch not registered)


  • Extreme gusts and thermals and resulting turbulence be wary.

Special Rules:

  • Radio and Mobile communication with clear flight plan,
  • No launching on your own without responsible persons to observe your flight.
  • These Mountains are rugged and remote if you get lost or injured you will be very difficult to find.
  • Contact club before flying.