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Weg Magazine Paragliding

Weg Magazine Journalist joins Dolphin Paragliding Team to experience Tandem Flight in Sedgefield .

Alice Inggs a journalist went for a Tandem Paragliding Flight over the official "Slow Town" of Sedgefield . The view from Sedgeview launch was clear and wonderful as it overlooks the panorama of the lagoons , rivers and the Indian ocean . Alice had nice in flight video and photos of her flight and enjoyed her flight immensely .

.Weg Journalist prepares to fly

Paragliding Launch Weg magazineTandem Flight Weg Magazine

Kari goes Tandem Paragliding

Upcoming singer and Cabaret Kari

Upcoming singer and Cabaret performer Kari flew with Dolphin Paragliding from Map of Africa Wilderness and enjoyed the flying view of Wilderness and Wilderness enjoyed the voice of Kari ..

Kari Tandem flightTandem flight Kari

Video of Kari flying

Kay Cee DJ radio Algoa Tandem flight

Radio Algoa FM goes flying with Dolphin Paragliding in Wilderness

DJ Kay Cee went for a Tandem Paragliding flight in the Wilderness launch site of Map of Africa to celebrate there new Radio coverage area of the Garden Route. 

Kay Cee DJ Algoa fm 

Sho't left SA Tourism

Sho't left flies tandem paragliding with Dolphin Paragliding

Shot left flies Tandem paragliding with the Dolphin Paragliding Team as part of the SA Tourism drive .The flight was in the Garden Route at Map of Africa Wilderness


SA Tourism paragliding Video

SA Tourism Film a German couple travelling through South Africa 

As paragliding is becoming more and more popular, film crews and  tourist boards are starting to get in on the hype, And one again SA Tourism has decided to film a German couple traveling though South Africa, and along their travels they stop of for a spot of paragliding.The Tandem flight took place within the Garden Route at a site in Sedgefield .


sa tourism film crewsa tourism film crew2

Granny Paragliding

87 Years Young Granny goes Tandem Paragliding in Wilderness

Left: Thats right, this granny definatly deserves a spot light in the Celebrity Corner! At 87 years young this granny took her 1st paragliding flight with us.

87yrs Granny ParaglidingGranny2 Paragliding

 Right: Here is another granny who took to the skies with us, not quite 87 but still probably more hard core than your gran, or is she? send her our way and find out/

Nico Panagio Survivor Presenter paraglides

Nico Panagio - TV's Survivor presenter tandem flight with Dolphin Paragliding

Thats right Nico Panagio, the presenter of TV's show top Billing and now Survivor South Africa has flown with us, and he loved it! We flew from Wilderness in the Garden Route as part of the Top Billing programme and we found Nico to be a really a open and proffesional presenter who loved adventure. Here are a few photos.

nico panagio survivor presenter2nico panagio survivor presenter3

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