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Serpentine - Paragliding Launch Site

Serpentine - Paragliding Launch Site (SAHPA registered site)

 Serpentine Wilderness Paragliding

Serpentine overlooks the Wilderness National Park and the Serpentine River in Wilderness South Africa. This site is only for Basic pilots with a sign off needed as landing is quite a small area. The take off area is grassy but a narrow launch area.


  • Skywings members only
  • This site falls under the Garden Route Management System.
  • Pilot must have helmet sticker visible
    Max ATO: 305m

Access through coded gate (GPS: 33°58'57.50"S  22°36'55.82"E); contact the club and don’t climb over the fence. Landing at Ebb and Flow (GPS: 33°59'21.42"S  22°36'33.57"E) is allowed but the main landing is the Island lake (GPS: 33°59'23.30"S  22°38'4.30"E) and the piece of land next the road opposite the Polo fields (GPS: 33°59'12.77"S  22°37'49.62"E). Don’t land in Polo fields or any of surrounding fields due to the horses.


  • Landing to the West, power lines and livestock.
  • Read Signboard


Altitude: 165m ASL
Site Grading: Basic with 10 sign-off
Wind direction: SE/S/SW
Season: Spring, Summer

Contact: Deon 072 1990622

GPS: 33°58'57.50"S  22°36'55.82"E