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Wilderness -Map of Africa - Launch Site

Map of Africa - Paragliding Launch Site - South Africa (SAHPA registered site)

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Perfect student training site with agrassy slope launch and a beach landing, one of the best sites in South Africa. Easy to topland, easy ridge soaring site. A great favourite for Tandem flights as fly over Dolphin point overlooking the beach and the Indian ocean. The site is situated just up the road from Dolphins viewpoint and one drives through Wilderness Village and takes the the first T junction and follow the sign posts. The site is situated 10 km from George and 30 km from Sedgefield. Great venue for Paragliding Tandem Flights with Dolphin paragliding . While flying one has chance to view dolphin and whales and sometimes sharks.


The biggest danger is been blown over the back during strong wind the best option is put yourself down into trees to stop you going low over ridge otherwise turn gigh and fly over to next ridge and setup for landing there


  • This site does not fall under the Garden Route Management System. Run by Jan and Khobi
  • Read signboard

The owners of the house to the right and left of launch have made complaints about privacy issues. We decided to try accommodating their requests so avoid loitering directly in front of their houses or flying low over their roofs and keep a reasonable distance of between 20-30m for the westerly positioned house at the beacon (from take-off the house right). The houses to the EAST of Launch will have a minimum of 40m. If the landowners gesture or shout fly away politely and report this to the club. Please see photos and GPS co-ordinates.

GPS> 33°59'34.43"S   22°34'12.67"E

Holiday landing beyond the rocky line on the beach, in other words away from the main beach towards the east. Beach has Blue flag status so even more sensitive. Don’t land among beach goers.


Altitude: +/-30m
Site Grading: Basic
Wind Direction: S-SE -E 15 - 28 Km/h
Season: All year but works best in Summer.

Contact ATC: 044 876 9210 before flying or Deon: 072 1990622

GPS coordinates:  33°59'46.69"S   22°33'57.82"E

email dolphinparagliding@gmail for more details.