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Gerickes - Launch Site

Gerickes Sedgefield - Launch Site (SAHPA registered site)

Student training site, Cliff Launch, Majestic Views is one of most beautiful coastal sites in the land and great for Tandem flights. This site is central to the Garden Route and lies between Wilderness (30km) and Kynsna (30km).


  • Skywings members only.
  • This site falls under the Garden Route Management System.
  • Pilot must have helmet sticker visible.
  • Don’t trample dunes or disturb bird-life.
  • No smoking, even in vehicles.
  • Pay full entrance fee

Please pay the fees at entrance entering without paying correct fees will earn you a life ban from this site. Guides take note one of your party transgresses your whole company will be banned by the owner. Smoking and fires even within the vehicle will result in life ban from this site and same applies to Guides. This area is a private nature reserve and the owner lives downwind from the launch. Don’t speed as the road is narrow and the owner uses it daily.


Altitude: +/-120m
Site Grading: Student under supervision
Wind Direction: E-SE 15 - 25 Km/h
Season: All year
Direction: use site map

Contact: Deon: 072 199 0622

GPS coordinates: 34° 1'50.85"S  22°45'49.52"E>

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