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Swartberg Pass Paragliding Launch Site

Swartberg Pass: A Majestic Site with Great Views

A majestic site with great views but its very intimidating site when in full thermal mode.

There are two launches; one at the final bend on the road before pass, it's a rough launch and then the pass itself. Flying here in Summer is only for early birds the best time is around 09h00 as the thermals can get very strong and resulting turbulence. Not for beginners or new pilots. We like to fly here in cooler months and the North face has been flown a few times in Winter.


  • Sport or Basic under instruction of Instructor/Observer 
  • Height: 700m
  • Wind direction and Speed: 10-15km South/SE/SW/(North launch not registered)


  • Extreme gusts and thermals and resulting turbulence be wary.

Special Rules:

  • Radio and Mobile communication with clear flight plan,
  • No launching on your own without responsible persons to observe your flight.
  • These Mountains are rugged and remote if you get lost or injured you will be very difficult to find.
  • Contact club before flying.

Oudtshoorn Airport

Oudtshoorn Airport

We used to winch from the runways of the airport . One can arrange for winching but best to bring own winch . Summer time will be good for XC although quite strong and lots of dust devils.

Louvain Saddle Paragliding Launch Site

Louvain Saddle Paragliding Launch Site

This site is rarely used and is definitely for the more adventure orientated as it includes a nice 4x4 route to get to the site. It's situated next to a viewpoint and the launch area is next to the viewpoint on the saddle below. The view is great and a nice place for a family picnic while you venture out for flight.


  • Basic 300 flights or 5 sign offs.
  • Height: 250m
  • Wind Direction Speed: North/NE/NW 15-20km


  • Cliff launch,
  • Getting blown over the back not a good option.

GPS coordinates:  33°50'9.32"S   22°37'8.80"E

Goose Valley

Goose Valley Paragliding Launch Site

Skywings Club Site (Privete)

Goosevalley Paragliding site a great thermic winter site. This site was discovered and pioneered by Deon Borrett who flew it a few times and knew we had a winner. Skywings ratified all the agreements with landwoners. This is a private site and one must only fly by invitation of Skywings members. Fire is a big risk so no smoking anywhere on the land even on the road up to take off. The take off is easy and face North winds. The flying is great and normally very smooth thermals with gains of about 300-750m. The site is about 60km from George in the beautiful Langkloof Valley. When flying be aware not to land near stock, especially Ostriches. Smoking or lighting fires on Take off will mean you are banned for life. Driving on farmers land without permission or accesing site without Club member present will result in severe sanction. Respect the Landowner rights.

NB: Do not drive into lands to recover pilots. They must walk out to designated point.


  • Sometimes big wind gradient can get blown over or into valleys and mountains.
  • Fly with radio/mobile.
  • Inform other pilots of flight plan, the mountains are big and hard to find any lost soul.
  • The site has many raptors including Jackal Buzzards, Black eagles and kestrels. Baboons and Leopards loiter in the hills.


  • Height: 300m
  • Wind speed direction 10-25km N, Nw, Ne

GSP coordinates:  33°48'8.08"S   22°41'26.95"E

Site record 30km a Out and return toward the West 12km and flying past take of. Deon Borrett. 25km Richard Nieft.

Du Toits Paragliding Site

Du Toits Paragliding Site

This site belongs the the Du Toits family who have kindly allowed paragliders to use the land for a launch site. The key must be picked up to open lock and access the road. Contact Jan Minaar for details as he uses the site from time time. We used to use the site before we discovered Goose Valley but have found the Goose Valley easier to access with better recovery. The flying conditions are generally better as well.