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Paragliding Students at Porterville Dasklip

Porterville and Dasklip Pass for students


Dasklip is a great site to introduce students to easy thermal flying and is quite safe when flying in the morning and late afternoon. The Launch area is a little rocky but not really a major problem. The landing zone is massive and you have literally kilometres of space to land a student. Students can have great flights from 09h00 - 11h00 and even through the day depending on the time of year. In high summer the thermals can be a little strong sometimes and best to launch around 09h00 - 10h00. Dasklip - Porterville site is also great for those that want to explore their first Cross Country flights and it's quite easy to glide 4-6km down the ridge. When the skill of pilots have improved then the new pilots on a average day could fly 10-30km without too much risk. This a great site for introduction to high sites and flights as the instructor has clear views for many kilometers. Dolphin Paragliding recommends training at this wonderful site. One can stay at Flyers Lodge Porterville for tours as it's quite cheap and has a nice area for lectures and relaxing by the bar.


Paragliding Instruction : South Africa : International license

SAHPA Paragliding Courses with Dolphin Paragliding school

Introduction courses

This course will give you a taste of the freedom of flight.

Spend the day on the dunes learning to handle the glider and possibly experience a couple of short dune flights.

Rental of all equipment
4-8 flights of training dune
2-3 high flights depending on conditions

Duration : 1 - 3 days

Cost : R 4500 - R 2500-00 depends on how many flights  ( excluding student licence )

After completion of course one must still train further to be able to fly solo, see basic course.

SAHPA Basic Paragliding licence course

This course teaches all necessary skills and techniques for basic solo flight. After the completion of this course you will not only be legal to fly anywhere in South Africa but anywhere in the world as it is recognized by SAHPA and through its association with FAI . Dolphin Paragliding school provides the best quality training for flying in South Africa. We have the best equipment on the market for training and we have recently upgraded to new Axis Compact 2 training wings for the high flights . We start training on the Kleinkrantz Dunes in Wilderness to start first flights and then progress to high flights at Sedgefield or Map of Africa Wilderness .

With close to 20 years of experience and countless hours in the air coupled with the finest quality equipment and sharp instruction we will help you achieve your goals.


Rental of all equipment.
35 training flights minimum (Can be more)
Theory lessons.
Marking of exams.
Licence fees extra.

Duration : 2 - 3 weeks ( depends on weather )

Course costs :12000-00 RAND 


License Fees : Student License Fees R 400-00 and Basic license Fees R 1075-00 all License fees paid to SAHPA .

IPPI card : R70-00 This is used when travelling out of country .

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Advanced X country course.

This course is for pilots looking to start cross country flying, extend their hours in the sky, learn advance techniques and develop their skills as a pilot. In order to partake in this course you need to have a basic licence.

The course is 2-3 days with lectures at night and morning and flying in the day.

The Course will cover extensively- thermal flying and in-flight safety with some basic maneuvers

Duration : 2 - 3 days

Cost : R 2500 - 00


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    Sho't left for Sa tourism , Nico Panagio for Top Billing and Survivor have all flown with the winiing team of Dolphin Paragliding .

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