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Namibian Paragliding and Tours


Puros paragliding Namibia

Paragliding in Namibia


Paragliding Travelling and Tours in Namibia


Namibia is a vast and beautiful country with some of best scenery in the World. It is also known for its pure Wilderness areas where one can drive for a day without seeing a fellow travller. For paragliding it is a country with massive potential for the very serious big XC flights in Summer where one can foot launch or winch to the fun dune flying on the vast and arid coastline dunes. There is also the adventure flying where one just hikes up remote mountains, hills and dunes and flies off them.


The challenge when flying in remote areas is being so far away from the nearest hospitals and even for Air Casevac that one can't push the envelope too much with regards to risk. Risk must be managed properly and strictly and if one is attempting any serous flights it would be wise to have the following:

Full medical kit with backboard, doctor or nurse on standby or with crew, numbers of relevant authorities, sattelite phone, GPS and a clear reaction plan.

If flying even a short XC flight, pilots should carry a whistle and torch to aid rescuers if they get lost or land in remote areas. The other challenge that can be present is the wildlife. Lions, elephants and rhinos are roaming free and one must keep this in mind when landing or walking out in an area where these animals abide; they generally pose a small risk overall but one must not be caught unaware.


The Dunes from Walvis Bay and Swakopmund are very well known Dunes. One can fly most days in Summer or Winter with the sea breeze. There are some big mountains like Brandberg which is flyable most wind directions if you have 4x4 and are willing to hike. This mountain is a thermal monster in summer and it will be wild. I flew in an area known as Puros and it;s part inland dune with mountain and was easy ridge soaring with some thermals. We flew in late August and it was suitable for young pilots as well. The Summer inland in general can be exciting and if you are looking to just have fun adventure flying then avoid Summer and go between April and August. The days are mostly blue skies with the odd cumulus now and again but very little or no rain. There are many campsites throughout the wilderness areas and one also camp in river beds. Beware of driving or walking near Desert elephants especially in canyons as they will charge if they feel threatened.


One can find plenty of take off sites in the North of Namibia as there are many mountains that are easy to drive to and then hike up and launch. Some look inviting and grassy but can be quite rocky and rough. I climbed a few we could not get a safe area to launch from. If you can, take a ground sheet to throw over the rocks and gnarly bushes if present. In the very arid regions don't drive over pristine areas as the tracks will remain there for years to come. Remember you are a guest in a wonderful land with interesting tribes and cultures. Respect and immerse yourself in this enviroment. Don't litter, take your cigarette butts, beer cans and other rubbish with and take it back to a town to dispose of. Overall I love Namibia. It's a land of contrast and nature where one have an adventure game drive while flying now and again.

For more information on Namibia or if you are looking for a guide contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Paragliding Guides and Training South Africa

Paragliding guides and training in South Africa


South Africa is one of the best paragliding areas in the World. The most suitable area for training and finding guides is the Western Cape. The best time to travel the typical paragliding route of Cape Town, Porterville and the Garden Route is from October - April. For foreign pilots with low airtime or wanting to maximise there stay by getting sound advice on where and when to fly South Africa, there are many highly qualified guides in South Africa. Typically you will find a guide is either an Instructor or a Tandem Pilot who will take you with him when he goes to fly daily. Many foreign pilots go on Tours with schools with their schools or join one of the Tour companies. It is also possible to travel on your own and use local guides to ensure you have fun safe flying. The Garden Route is tailor made for such flying as we have over 20 very easy accessable sites and one will not get bored even if you stay here for a Month. Dolphin Paraglidng offers free basic guiding for those that stay at the Flyers Lodge in Wilderness. In summer you should fly on average around three hours a day with Top landing on most sites being quite easy. We provide weather and site reports and have weather stations to monitor changes and all the sites are accessable by sedan vehicle. 


If pilots who are busy with training courses want to continue flying while travelling in South Africa and get some hours and flights in, then the Garden Route area (especially Wilderness and Sedgefield) is the best area to travel to. We complete on average a Basic course with 35 flights within 2 weeks. Overseas pilots or students will in be good hands as the standard of training is quite high and most schools have good equipment. The average cost for traning is around €800 and you can do a conversion course when you get back to your home country if needed for insurance purposes. The South African licence is recognised World Wide. The World distance record is held by a South African and we have had winners in World Champions and World Cup competitions.


South Africa is the place to travel to and fly with freedom as we have a world class sites, infrastructure and medical faciltities. We love tourists and we need you guys to support our economy so that we can create employment and enrich the many in poverty .Welcome to South Africa and if you need advice on travels contact Dolphin Paragliding.


Axis Pluto 2 Review

AXIS Pluto II Review


The Axis Pluto II is an ideal wing for the beginner pilot fresh from finishing their training course. The Pluto II is a great allrounder and the performance like glide and speed is good, with very high passive factor and is very predictable and assuring in turbulence. The wing is easy to ground handle making launches simple. It turns and thermals very well and you don't get left behind when flying with wings with higher aspect ratio. What I like in particular with this glider is its longer break travel before it stalls, making it difficult to accidentally stall the wing or spin it as many beginners do when approaching a tight landing area. I have found particularly with top landing approach many students who move up from a student wing with there EN A B (DHV 1) ratings and then buy a glider with EN B C D (high end DHV 1-2) rating apply too much brake on landing and either spin the wing or stall their wings low to the ground. This is a forgiving wing and is a low end (DHV 1-2) but is far from a bus to fly and steering is medium and precise. This is the Wing for beginners and it's one that they will not grow out of too soon; if ever. I recommend this wing to any school as it is the ideal wing for the transition from Student to Basic Pilot .


Long Soaring Flights

Long Soaring Flights

Warning long soaring flights are the order of the day. One can soar for 5-6 hours and will need sunscreen, water and food to survive these lekker flights. Yesterday we ridge soared Kleinkrantz to Gerrickes in great conditions with guys crossing to and fro between Kleinkrantz and Beach Hotel side. This week coming looks like serious ridge soaring and I hope the Skywings pilots are going to rack up some points for the League. Summer sea breezes have arrived, Ayoba!
I was disappointed not to see the grandpa brigade out in full force but I guess they were taking their afternoon nap and resting their falsies in a glass or something.
Summer is here even though yesterday I froze my butt off. The sun remains high in the sky and is now setting over the sea for a change. Time for those sundowners of rum and coke and such like to roll out!
Have fun now.

Kortel Kuik tandem passenger harness

Kortel Kuik  tandem passenger harness

This is a well put together harness with nice strong stitching. What I especially like is the big zips at storage pockets. I don’t like the carabineers – maillons as I think it wastes time to screw them shut and they look a bit fragile for tandem use .I put proper stainless steel carabiners for easy attachment without the abrasion from the screw thread of the units that came with the harness when hooking into the spreader hoop. The passenger easily slips into the simple split leg system but I would have liked the leg straps to be a bit longer. There are only two leg straps that attach quite high on the harness that makes the chest strap not needed. There is a minor chest strap but is not weight bearing but more to keep shoulder straps on. The back protection is adequate and the material of the harness is hardy and should last a while.
The passenger sits with their legs quite far apart with the design but the harness is comfortable and easy to get into. The passenger sometimes has difficulty getting out and leaning forward to run and so must be briefed properly to lean totally forward on landing.
Overall it does the job and is very well constructed and robust.

Axis Sirius Tandem wing

Axis Sirius Tandem wing

Axis Sirius Tandem wing is the best Tandem wing I have flown yet and being a commercial operator who flies between 300-500 flights a year you need a wing that is versatile and meets the demands of safety and performance. What I like about the Axis Sirius is the wing has very good handling and speed which is nice for our coastal conditions with strong wind launches . Its also a a massive performer in thermal flying and likes the weight range to be more the top of the weight range as it performs better there with good speed and glide . The glider handling is great and one gets good feedback and turns easy and with precision . The new trim system is a dream and gives you extra speed what feels like a turbo when releasing the trim tabs for maximum speed . The Tandem enjoys some high energy stuff and wingovers and spirals are easy to enter and with relatively easy exits . What surprised me with this wing is the wing area of just 40 sqm is really good in light lift and can stay up in small and broken lift as good as a single wing . If you buy this wing you can go wrong as it gets a thumbs up in all departments .

Competition Perfection

Competition Perfection

What a great day , the weather was great and the turn points were challenging . The conditions was a southerly wind and a inversion around 150 –200 m above TO ; with a shift now and again to South East and then it shifted to a decent SSE –SE . I was flying tandems and completing tasks slowly but surely and watching the single wings doing there thing with a certain envy as coming to top land and take of again disturbs the rhythm somewhat . Yet my brain and moved into competitive mode and seeing my best friend the Stoney Steenhuizen back in action and performing as normal took me back a few years . To say my competitive juices was simmering is a mild understatement . When I found out that a Mark Sofianos was leading with a nice flight up to Groenvlei gave me motivation to get my Vega 3 out and fly with a little better performance above my head . I was the lone ranger as most had stopped flying as conditions were quite bumpy and strong and I headed out for some distance towards Groenvlei . The air near the lake was interesting but interspersed with good thermals so I almost made the turn of to Karatara then came back with some gusto and my wing talking to me but the Vega performs very calmly in some of the roughest air I have experienced at Sedgefield for a while . Then 3 telephone calls and 7 text message started to wear down my resolve to go over the back just when the inversion was weakening and I had the highest climb of the day of 350 m above . Damn work but money pays those bills . So after a half hearted attempt to get to Gerrickes I headed back to landing . The conditions were improving but alas work was calling and I had a great day as did many . Well done ! Mark Sofianos on your nice flight . It was a really nice fun Competition with many locals taking part and one of them was Alen Wilkinson a sprightly 74 year old . The object was achieved fun and pushing the skills a little . I hope to see more of the locals from other clubs and local members like the Maurits brigade who have some really talented young guns in that family . The next competition is serious ( not ) and runs on the 16-18th a long weekend so get some practice in and lets rock . There will be medals , trophies and prizes and more divisions like ladies . We missed a certain miss K today and hope she joins us next time . Thanks to Urs and Werner for putting together a lekker competition and cant wait for the next one . cheers see you boys and girls in the air .

The Season Has Started

The Season Has Started

Hi there guys last few days have been great flying in the Garden Route and Sedgefield in particular with good strong high climbs . There have been days for good XC potential but work is holding me back . Friday flew with a Tandem to Cola beach and carried on ridge soaring for a few kms down the ridge to return and land near Pili Pili . These strong thermals some 5-6 m/sec climbs and high cloudbase is due to the high lapse rate as the air is really colder the higher you go and the ground really heating up . Naturally there is more turbulence and one cant sleep on the job as you may have your wingtip slap you awake . So guys don't be goldfish and go up done on ridge all day take the opportunity to explore and fly a little XC now again the satisfaction is immense . Spring has arrived !

Paragliding Tours to South Africa the best out of 2 weeks

Paragliding Tours to South Africa the best out of 2 weeks

Hi there all pilots who are eager to travel to South Africa and have some quality flying and also to see some of the main tourist attractions . The start of your journey should be the wonderful city of Cape Town and once you settled into Backpackers , BB or hotel then best thing to do is to contact a guide or school who can give you advice on where to fly . Cape Town sites can be notoriously fickle and dangerous if you not aware of the local weather . Its worth the money to find someone who has local knowledge as a good flight from Lions Head , Signal Hill or St Lowry’s pass can be a mind blowing experience . The flight from Lions Head with the view of the Apostles has got to be one of the top 3 views in the World .There is also Hermanus which is about 70 km away but normally about 2 hours drive and has some of the best coastal soaring – thermic conditions and views in South Africa . This site works well in the light- moderate  South and South East winds .
Besides Paragliding what is the must do Tourist attractions ?

My top 5 are

  1. Cable Car to the Top of Table Mountain
  2. Trip to the point .
  3. Chapman's peak drive
  4. Walk in Kirstenbosch gardens
  5. Sailing trip for sundowners from the Waterfront .

There is many many more but due to the average trip duration of 2 weeks its not possible to fit everything in . The nightlife is good in Cape Town central and quite safe with the main action in Long Street .
After 3-4 days of Cape Town and Hermanus you are now ready for some serious Cross Country flying in Porterville . Porterville is about 140 km away from Cape Town and one can find nice lodging at Flyers lodge Porterville with the local instructor and guide Rob Manzoni . The site is wonderfully easy to paraglide and recovery is easy for those Cross Country flights . Average distance is about 40 km but over 140 km is possible . The views when high are magical and the mountains are supremely majestic especially the rugged Cedarburg in the distance . The ridge is from Dasklip take of point 40km to the south and the 40 km to the north with open flatlands as well .
After some exciting flying in mountains you will head up to the Paragliding paradise of the Garden Route and more specifically Wilderness . Here you can stay at the very relaxed Beach facing Flyers Lodge Wilderness which has two sites walking distance away and some of the best ridge soaring to be found anywhere . Wilderness is central to most sites in the area and we have ridge soaring and coastal thermic as well as real mountain flying within 20 km of Flyers Lodge . Your host Deon Borrett has 15 years local experience and will give you basic guiding so you will always fly if there is any spot that is working . There is many other activities to be tried if weather bad or some extra time is available and World highest Bungi jump is only  140 km  away . Locally there is hikes , kayaking , fishing , surfing , kite surfing and skydiving .
The Garden Route has so many good sites from Mossel Bay , George , Wilderness , Sedgefield ,  Knysna and Plettenberg Bay that one can fly a new site almost everyday and not fit them all in week . This is paragliding mecca of the world and the sites are easy to access by sedan and most sites you can top land ! The 4-5 days spent here will fly by but you will have a wonderful experience to remember all your days .
After having the time of you life it would be time to head back Cape Town which lies 450 km away and return home well rested and satisfied .The other option is to fly back from George which is 20 km from Wilderness .


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    Sho't left for Sa tourism , Nico Panagio for Top Billing and Survivor have all flown with the winiing team of Dolphin Paragliding .

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