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Vulture conservation


Vulture Conservation and Paragliding


Vulpro NPO is leading the fight for the conservation of vultures within South Africa. Dolphin Paragliding supports their cause wholeheartedly and would like to encourage all to donate money, time or effort to this wonderful cause. When you have seen vultures thermalling majestically above the earth then one begins to appreciate what fantastic creatures they are. They are also on top of the food chain and play an integral role in natural cycle of the ecosystem. When there is abundance of vultures then one knows all is well with the earth and the enviroment. At this moment Vultures are endangered and need your help to survive the challenges of habitat destruction and poisoning.


 So How can you help?

 The easiest way is to go to Woolworths and fill in My School - My Planet card application form and write in as the benfeciary Vulpro NPO and you will receive the card. When you support the partners like Woolworths and Engen and many others a percentage of that sale goes toward saving our Vultures. So go to Woolworths or the My School website and apply and give to Vulpro NPO with every swipe of your card. It costs you nothing and there are loyalty benefits. It's a win-win situation.



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