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Paragliding Training and Courses South Africa

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Paragliding Courses and Training in South Africa


We are very fortunate in South Africa to have quite a few highly qualifed instructors who are equal with the World's best standards. Our Courses like the Basic Licence course is quite comprehensive and includes no less than 35 flights and certain safety maneouvers. There are theory lessons and an open book exam that is quite detailed and gives new pilots a good idea on what is needed to be safe pilot. The training includes some thermal flying as well as ridge soaring and sometimes winching is used to train pilots.


Tourists and foreigners can rest assured they will have a good quality instruction that will meet most of the criteria of their home country. South African licences are recognised worldwide. There is usually some form of conversion needed to be done in some countries and it may involve practical flights or theory exams or even both, but normally it's not a big deal to convert ones licence. The main reason for these conversions is insurance and casevac benefits in certain countries like Germany and Austria. South Africa is a great place to train and in particular the Garden Route as we have ideal conditions and sites for training. All our training sites are accessable by car and some you can even top land after a few flights. This ensures we dont spend on average more than two weeks to complete a course, naturally weather depending. The cost can sometimes be cheaper to fly from Europe and complete your course in South Africa and have a small holiday as well rather than trying to complete the course with Europes weather condtions.


Locals would also find it beneficial to train in the Garden Route as there is minimum travelling besides the intial flight or drive. The sites are within a 30km radius and easy to find as they are just off the N2. There are packages with accommodation that make this an attractive option as one gets a holiday and a course for the same price. The main training sites are between Wilderness, Sedgefield and Knysna. They are all scenic and have easy grassy launch areas and landings are either the beach or grassy fields .

So to those aspiring paragliding pilots from Europe and even locally like Gauteng and Cape Town, come join the team this side and have some quality flying and teaching in some of the most beautiful training sites in the world.



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