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Axis Pluto 2 Review

AXIS Pluto II Review


The Axis Pluto II is an ideal wing for the beginner pilot fresh from finishing their training course. The Pluto II is a great allrounder and the performance like glide and speed is good, with very high passive factor and is very predictable and assuring in turbulence. The wing is easy to ground handle making launches simple. It turns and thermals very well and you don't get left behind when flying with wings with higher aspect ratio. What I like in particular with this glider is its longer break travel before it stalls, making it difficult to accidentally stall the wing or spin it as many beginners do when approaching a tight landing area. I have found particularly with top landing approach many students who move up from a student wing with there EN A B (DHV 1) ratings and then buy a glider with EN B C D (high end DHV 1-2) rating apply too much brake on landing and either spin the wing or stall their wings low to the ground. This is a forgiving wing and is a low end (DHV 1-2) but is far from a bus to fly and steering is medium and precise. This is the Wing for beginners and it's one that they will not grow out of too soon; if ever. I recommend this wing to any school as it is the ideal wing for the transition from Student to Basic Pilot .


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