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Kortel Kuik  tandem passenger harness

This is a well put together harness with nice strong stitching. What I especially like is the big zips at storage pockets. I don’t like the carabineers – maillons as I think it wastes time to screw them shut and they look a bit fragile for tandem use .I put proper stainless steel carabiners for easy attachment without the abrasion from the screw thread of the units that came with the harness when hooking into the spreader hoop. The passenger easily slips into the simple split leg system but I would have liked the leg straps to be a bit longer. There are only two leg straps that attach quite high on the harness that makes the chest strap not needed. There is a minor chest strap but is not weight bearing but more to keep shoulder straps on. The back protection is adequate and the material of the harness is hardy and should last a while.
The passenger sits with their legs quite far apart with the design but the harness is comfortable and easy to get into. The passenger sometimes has difficulty getting out and leaning forward to run and so must be briefed properly to lean totally forward on landing.
Overall it does the job and is very well constructed and robust.

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