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Axis Sirius Tandem wing

Axis Sirius Tandem wing is the best Tandem wing I have flown yet and being a commercial operator who flies between 300-500 flights a year you need a wing that is versatile and meets the demands of safety and performance. What I like about the Axis Sirius is the wing has very good handling and speed which is nice for our coastal conditions with strong wind launches . Its also a a massive performer in thermal flying and likes the weight range to be more the top of the weight range as it performs better there with good speed and glide . The glider handling is great and one gets good feedback and turns easy and with precision . The new trim system is a dream and gives you extra speed what feels like a turbo when releasing the trim tabs for maximum speed . The Tandem enjoys some high energy stuff and wingovers and spirals are easy to enter and with relatively easy exits . What surprised me with this wing is the wing area of just 40 sqm is really good in light lift and can stay up in small and broken lift as good as a single wing . If you buy this wing you can go wrong as it gets a thumbs up in all departments .

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