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Competition Perfection

Competition Perfection

What a great day , the weather was great and the turn points were challenging . The conditions was a southerly wind and a inversion around 150 –200 m above TO ; with a shift now and again to South East and then it shifted to a decent SSE –SE . I was flying tandems and completing tasks slowly but surely and watching the single wings doing there thing with a certain envy as coming to top land and take of again disturbs the rhythm somewhat . Yet my brain and moved into competitive mode and seeing my best friend the Stoney Steenhuizen back in action and performing as normal took me back a few years . To say my competitive juices was simmering is a mild understatement . When I found out that a Mark Sofianos was leading with a nice flight up to Groenvlei gave me motivation to get my Vega 3 out and fly with a little better performance above my head . I was the lone ranger as most had stopped flying as conditions were quite bumpy and strong and I headed out for some distance towards Groenvlei . The air near the lake was interesting but interspersed with good thermals so I almost made the turn of to Karatara then came back with some gusto and my wing talking to me but the Vega performs very calmly in some of the roughest air I have experienced at Sedgefield for a while . Then 3 telephone calls and 7 text message started to wear down my resolve to go over the back just when the inversion was weakening and I had the highest climb of the day of 350 m above . Damn work but money pays those bills . So after a half hearted attempt to get to Gerrickes I headed back to landing . The conditions were improving but alas work was calling and I had a great day as did many . Well done ! Mark Sofianos on your nice flight . It was a really nice fun Competition with many locals taking part and one of them was Alen Wilkinson a sprightly 74 year old . The object was achieved fun and pushing the skills a little . I hope to see more of the locals from other clubs and local members like the Maurits brigade who have some really talented young guns in that family . The next competition is serious ( not ) and runs on the 16-18th a long weekend so get some practice in and lets rock . There will be medals , trophies and prizes and more divisions like ladies . We missed a certain miss K today and hope she joins us next time . Thanks to Urs and Werner for putting together a lekker competition and cant wait for the next one . cheers see you boys and girls in the air .

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