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The Season Has Started

The Season Has Started

Hi there guys last few days have been great flying in the Garden Route and Sedgefield in particular with good strong high climbs . There have been days for good XC potential but work is holding me back . Friday flew with a Tandem to Cola beach and carried on ridge soaring for a few kms down the ridge to return and land near Pili Pili . These strong thermals some 5-6 m/sec climbs and high cloudbase is due to the high lapse rate as the air is really colder the higher you go and the ground really heating up . Naturally there is more turbulence and one cant sleep on the job as you may have your wingtip slap you awake . So guys don't be goldfish and go up done on ridge all day take the opportunity to explore and fly a little XC now again the satisfaction is immense . Spring has arrived !

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