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AXIS Comet :: Review

AXIS Comet :: Review

I have recently received the Axis Comet which I will be using as my mountain wing . I took a small to reduce weight (5kg) but I weigh 72 kg and will fit easily into the weight range which goes to 88kg .

The Comet is very easy to inflate and forward launches are super easy . The wing in flight is nice and responsive and quite a dynamic wing . There is not much difference between the Comet and the big brother the Vega 3 . The glide and general performance is quite amazing and it means you dont have to compromise safety to get good performance anymore . That been said this is not a entry level wing but a pilot should maybe get 80-100 flights before flying this wing . This wing is pleasure to fly as it thermals sweetly and climbs with good energy . This wing is a good Cross Country wing and has all the goodies to do big distance safely .

The Comet also likes to play and is great for wing overs , spirals and pendulums over the dunes in Wilderness . This is a fun wing !I am still testing the Wing and hope to give some more feedback soon .

I have been extremely impressed by all of Axis wings due to the fact they fly like a  dream and in essence these are" real  pilots " wings and pilots who fly Axis are always satisfied with the feel of the wing .

2012 September , I have returned from flying some dunes and mountains in Namibia and all the take -off points were virgin sites and the wing performed well as it was easy to control and launch from site tight spots and when doing a forward launch it was very easy to get over the head and into the air . The glider has a good glide and general performance especially speed on speedbar its good for dune soaring in strong winds . Once again I feel the glider may not be for a pilot that has just finished training as will this be testing wing for a new pilot .Great glider like all the Axis wings I have flown .


You cant go wrong with buying Axis as it money well spent .

Deon Borrett .  



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