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AXIS Vega 3 :: Review

AXIS Vega 3 :: Review

I have been flying the Vega 3 medium for a few months now and am more than happy with the performance and safety aspects of this beautiful wing .
The wing is very easy to launch and settles nicely above the head after inflation without any overshooting tendency . While flying the glider is nice and responsive to steering input and the break pressure is about medium . There is a distinct cross over point when you about to go too deep with the breaks and the glider gives you ample warning you going to stall or spin . The glider loves light or strong lift and thermals clean and efficiently .The wing seems to enjoy a loading towards the top of the range as it actually performs better there . There is nice feedback on the wing when flying in thermals without making the glider to busy or twitchy . The wing gave me a sense of security when flying through some turbulence and has an predictable response . The wings tips don’t flap for no reason and the glider is very solid on speed bar . When pushing 100 % on speed bar there is a big increase of speed and the glide angle is naturally reduced .The best performance is hands up position .The wing enters spirals readily but also exits quite easily , its also responsive to wing overs and other high energy maneuvers .
Overall the glider is a stunning wing and its feels like you flying a wing with higher performance . This is a great wing for XC and general social flying .


Visit the offical AXIS website and lean more about the Vega 3 . Click here

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