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8 Tips for Safe paragliding

8 Tips for Safe Flying

How to prevent incidents and accidents

1. New maneuvers like top landing , wing overs , spirals and other potentially dangerous tasks should always be done for the first time under radio or at least get some advice before attempting new maneuvers and be under radio supervision where possible .

2. Do new maneuvers with height and away from ridge .

3. Don’t become over confidant and don’t do radical stuff near the ground .

4. Check equipment -old porous gliders don’t respond well to collapses and have delayed recovery and also have a tendency to go parachutal just after launch .

5. Don’t believe that your glider is impervious to turbulence because it’s a safe wing . Fly active !

6. Don’t fly in conditions that your skill level cant handle . When in doubt stay out the sky .

7. Under confidence and fear is just as dangerous as being cocky . You tend to focus on the wrong stuff and then make silly mistakes .Butterflies in the gut is ok but mind numbing fear is not cool .Rather not fly .

8 . Take time to assess your risk and venture on the side of caution .

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