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Sports Paragliding License Course South Africa

We offer an comprehensive  Paragliding Sports License course for all those pilots looking to progress to become Tandem pilots or fly international competitions .

Course Curricululm 


Sports License Course September 2015

Theoretical part;

Theory held by Jorg Bueble

Date: 26./27. of Septerber 2015

Location: Lecture room Rondevlei, held in Power point with embedded videos

If the weather is good for flying then we might split the theory lessons to both days

from 8.00am to 12.00pm, otherwise one full day.

Duration: 7-8 hours in total

Theory subjects:


• Material used in modern paragliders

• Glider certification today, ratings, use of this gliders, danger, performance

• Choosing the right glider and ego decision


• Airflow, wing profile, lift forces

• Airpspeed, Wind speed, Ground speed

• Aspect ratio

• Drag forces and what they do

• Polar (performance) Curve

• Turn forces

• Paragliding design; aspect ratio, wing loading


• Structure and Governance of Paragliding in South Africa

• Sports License theoretical and practical requirements

• Privilege of a Sports license rating domestic and international

• Annual checks after Manufacturer specification and South African Law

and how they are done

• General rules

• Airspace structure in South Africa

• Visual Flight Rule (VFR) minima inside South African Airspace

• Administrative and Criminal offences in Aviation (Paragliding) in South Africa

• SAHPA Manual of Procedures

Flying Skills (Practical aspect)

• Flight planning

• X-country; planning, landing, weather, airspace

• Different types of landing approach and techniques

• Special flight situations and how to act and react

• Water and obstacle landings

• Parachutal (deep) stall; how to recognize and react

• Full Stall

Big ears and how to do them efficient (accelerated and without)

• B-line Stall; Execution, Glider reaction and exit. Errors and danger

• Deep Spiral Dive; Execution, Glider behaviour and exit techniques, errors/dangers

• Active flying; why and how

• Asymmetrical collapse; Aerodynamics and reaction

• Frontal collapse; Aerodynamics and reaction

• Reserve deployment; When to deploy and how


• Atmosphere

• Cloud classification

• temperature gradient, inversion, stable/unstable conditions

• Air pressure

• Air density

• Global circulation

• High pressure/low pressure systems in the southern hemisphere

• Warm fronts, Cold fronts;

• Turbulence

• Wind and thermals

• Whirlwind, how they develop and dangers for paragliding

• Thermal structure

• Techniques to core the thermal

• Wind system in the mountains

• Dynamic flying (Soaring)

• Thunderstorms; development and danger

• In which meteorological conditions not to fly

• Micro climate at the coast (Garden Route)

The Theory course will touch most aspects of the Sports License exam. Some of

the subjects are refreshers from the Basic License course which are important to



Please bring a copy of your SAHPA license and log book to the theory


Performance flying Practical part;

Instructors: Jorg Bueble/Deon Borrett

Date: weather permitting a weekend in October 2015

Location: Porterville

Accommodation: Can be organized by us at cost.

Transport: Limited space available at cost sharing.


Duration: 2 Full days,

Practical flight manoeuvres as per SAHPA License Manual/MOP


• Pendulum; Pitch and Roll control/stabilizing

• Point of stall (incipient, not a actual stall)

• Asymmetrical and symmetrical wing tugs

• B-line stall

• Butterfly Stroke landing

The practical course covers the practical manoeuvres for the Sports license which

are required.

Please note that this is a performance training and not a SIV course. We do not

teach and practice full stalls, deep spirals etc. over ground.

All pilots participating must have a glider not rated higher than EN-B or LTF 1-2

We will have modern EN-A certified gliders available should you not be sure to fly


the manoeuvres with EN-B high end glider.


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