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Paragliding Tour to Reunion

Reunion Island Paragliding Tour 2015 :September 24th October 8th 2015 Join our professional team of Instructors for an adventure of a lifetime in the tropical island of Reunion .We offer Transport and Accommodation and Guiding as well as XC training Course to help young pilots to improve their skills .We will land in the evening of the 24th September 2015 and leave on the morning of the 8th of October 2015 so we will have 12 full days of flying. Flying is normally done in the morning and afternoon sessions so at least two flights a day will be done. The flying conditions are light thermic and the landing is on the beaches. Some day’s top landing is possible. Sites vary from 800 m - 1400m so the views are quite scenic. The volcanic Island forms a wind shadow as the 3000m high mountain range protects the west side from the Trade winds . We will have input from our local friend Eric Gentelet an Instructor of Paragliding and Hangliding with over 35 years’ experience and intimate knowledge of the Reunion sites and weather. Reunion is beautiful Island and flying is only a small part of potential adventure activities. The period of the year is dry and watersports is nice as the sea is warm. Other things to do is hiking, fishing, water rafting, climbing, cycling (all types) , just about every adventure sport is practiced here . We stay on the west side and so sunset is seen every day over the ocean and it’s normally rather pretty , especially with Reunion Rum in your hand. We plan a special trip to active volcano which resides at 3000 high and will be guided by the only guide allowed to give the group hike my friend Eric Gentelet . Scenic and training flights with a plane are also available with my friend Vincet Bouget . Whales will be seen from the air and trips to go see the Humpback whales via boat are available daily . Paragliding : XC Course includes theory and setting routes to complete and recovery .

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