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Botswana Paragliding

Botswana Paragliding

Botswana is relatively flat country with few real hill launch sites . There are near the South of the Country some hills that have potential to launch and fly from . The are also hills to the north and north east but all launching is not for beginners and only experienced pilots must try this . The launches are from rough terrain . The biggest potential is for powered paragliders or winching as they have some suitable runways that are not to busy . Winter is warm and Summer is very warm and with some dust devils . I found a very nice runway near Tsodilo hills and one can fly onto ridge nearby and soaring could be possible .I would recommend an airband radio as the runway is used by bush pilots flying clients into area .

Botswana would have potential for big flat land flying but the danger is landing out amongst the wildlife that could provide some danger .While travelling in Botswana you will see the kings of the Sky the wonderful Vultures showing us how to thermal . There are many types of Vultures in Botswana but all are threatened due to poisoning , and collision or electrocution with power cables .


thermalling vultureThermalling vultures

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