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Vega 4 Review

AXIS : Vega 4 Review

Review done by Deon Borret pilot with 19 years flying experience .

I have been flying the new Vega 4 for a few weeks now and can say without a doubt there is an increase in performance . The Wing also is now very sensitive to every bit of thermal lift there is making it easier to stay in light lift . The glider feels like you flying a glider in a higher class and the performance of speed and glide feels the same . Yet as with the previous model its quite resistant to turbulence and one feels quite assured in the wing and that it will behave well in trubulence . The Vega 4 is a bit more active than the Vega 3 but not dramatically so and the little extra movement in the wing will not deter most pilots from enjoying the thermalling experience as the glider climbs true and sweet . The wing pulls up very easily and is much lighter and easier to get above ones head than the Vega 3 . There is some extra movement on the wing in ground handling but otherwise its quite docile and ground handling is good . ( I have tested and seen so called EN B wings from other designs alot more active ) .Landing thee wing is quite easy but the extra glide must mean one must adapt normal approaches to the improved glide . Flaring is easy and normal range fo movement .

The brake pressure is light and precise but one has quite a bit of travel on the brake before the glider goes close to stall or spin so accidental induced spin or stall is unlikely . One must set the factory brake settings as the travel was too long for me but dont make it to short as then the glider does not go at maximum speed in hands up ..check tech details .

Overall a beautiful wing that can take you places and ideal XC wing without the stress if you a average to active XC pilot you dont need to go to the DHV2-3 league (EN D) to enjoy good flights anymore .

Will udate after some XC flights under the belt .

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