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Paragliding Namibia / Mozambique

Paragliding in Namibia and Mozambique

Deon Borrett headed out on his yearly 4x4 adventure trip to the North of our borders . This year the trip was longer and included Namibia , Botswana , Swaziland and Mozambique . The trip did not revolve around paragliding but the wings were waiting for an opportunity to fly . The first flight took place at the famous Dune 7 in Namibia which has been a dream of mine since travelling in Namibia the first time many years ago . We arrived with the wind from the west and quite strong but perfect for the west facing ridge and started to soar the great majestic dunes until sunset and then were greeted with the full moon rising . The next part of our journey took us to the wonderful area of Purros famous for Desert Elephants . We had some close encounters with there great Elephants and I even had to do a polite retreat from an unhappy female who found my photography annoying . Purros from past travels was a much to look forward flying destination . The dunes and mountains nearby provide a easy access and simple launch for even novice class pilots  . We flew for most days but we had one day in particular with lots of lift far into the valley something cross between thermals and valley release and with the height above the valley the views were breath taking stark and surreal . The feeling is one of true escape and space when flying this remote region and being remote one must temper enthusasim with caution as the nearest serious medical facility is 600km away . The valleys surrounded Purros are teeming with wildlife , even a few black rhino can be found .This year we went in May and the heat was on around 36 degrees in midday , crazy for so called winter . The next part of journey took us to Botswana for more wildlife experiences and the spotted hyeanas gave us a good working over on our arrival in a remote camping area . We slept very lightly for a few nights as there visits were rather rude and intrusive and the idea of them munching on my head made instilled caution even though we were reasonably safe in tents . We headed to South Africa to attend the Paragliding Nationals and then for quick visit to Swaziland were on our way to Mozambique for warm seas and lots of ridge soaring . We flew at the Xai Xai where we discovered a nice little take off that is quite easy to launch and top land in the centre of the village . From Xai Xai we headed up north where Inhambane had some nice small site facing north winds which blew for a few days . The the south wind took its turn and I went messing around near Tofu , but the wind for Mozambique is the rarely seen East wind then flying heaven will fly into your lap as all ridges seem to face east . I travelled south past Maputo to south of Inhaca Island near Santa Maria and some nice sunset flights overlooking whales ,dolphins jumping and turtles diving . Finally we were in Ponto de Ouro a nice south facing site that had us flying across the border between South Africa and Moz and back a few times  . Mozambique is fun and warm like most of its people and the flying is easy if you have good ground handling and dune flying you going to have plenty fun .

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