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Skywings Paragliding Club Site Rules and Regulations


From the 15th of November 2012 all Skywings registered sites will become members only sites. See list of sites on website

All the sites are still open to anyone from locals, visiting pilots to foreign pilots who will join the club as country members (membership is only R100 per year). Your number is for life and so if you return a few years later you can just pay and give your original number. Locals, which means anyone within the Garden Route Triangle of Oudtshoorn to Mossel Bay to Plettenberg Bay and are residents of this area, will then have full membership and be entitled to vote. The area in question includes surrounding towns and villages as well as inner towns like Knysna, Sedgefield and Wilderness.

Payment points and membership application points are at these two locations: Wilderness Spa and Hydro at the Wilderness Beach Hotel (GPS: 33°59'55.34"S  22°36'52.24"E) and Fynboskruin restaurant and club house at entrance to Gerrickes point at the Mini golf course in Sedgefield (GPS: 34° 0'37.19"S  22°45'20.24"E).


Why are we doing this? Listed in no particular order of importance below:

1.       To ensure that every pilot who launches from our sites is a member of SAHPA and that will include temporary foreign membership.

2.       We also need to have better control on who and what happens on our sites as the pressures from landowners and other role players has reached levels where they hold the club responsible for actions taken by visiting pilots.

3.       For safety we want to know some details of the pilots and their gliders in case there is an accident or someone goes missing.

4.       For discipline as Skywings has taken a zero tolerance to rogue pilots, pilots who act unsafely or fly with unsafe equipment.

5.       Some landowners insist on strict control and access to their land. They want to know who is on their land at all times.

6.       Maintenance of launch sites.

7.       Third Party insurance cover for SAHPA members if one damages property.


General Rules for Most Sites

1. SAHPA licensed and Skywings Member abides by their constitutions.

2. No smoking.

3. No littering.

4. Don’t damage any fauna or flora. Don’t collect any fauna or flora.

5. Don’t be a public nuisance – respect private landowners.

6. Obey any special rules on the boards.


Special rules for Motorized wings

1.       Paramotors, Motorized Hangliders and Trikes - in accordance with Municipal instructions no launching between Map of Africa and Kleinkrantz Car Park but not including the Kleinkrantz Car Park that is available for launching. The no launch zones include public parks and grounds. This rule is applicable year round.

2.       Trikes on the beaches - as far as we understand it’s illegal to launch from the beach anywhere in South Africa. So we will be forced to report any infringement as it’s our duty as a SAHPA registered club. Where this area overlaps on our launch sites then naturally it’s the club rule.

3.       From December – January all Skywings sites will be no launch zones for any motorized wings. With the exception of Kleinkrantz Car Park (Trikes and Foot launched) and Kleinkrantz Dune (foot launched).

4.       Keep to height restrictions and don’t fly low past houses and create a nuisance.


Special rules – Landowners with Privacy complaints and other requirements.


Map of Africa – The owners of the house to the right and left of launch have made complaints about privacy issues. We decided to try accommodating their requests so avoid loitering directly in front of their houses or flying low over their roofs and keep a reasonable distance of between 20-30m for the westerly positioned house at the beacon (from take-off the house right). The houses to the EAST of Launch will have a minimum of 40m. If the landowners gesture or shout fly away politely and report this to the club. Please see photos and GPS co-ordinates.



33°59'34.43"S   22°34'12.67"E

Holiday landing beyond the rocky line on the beach, in other words away from the main beach towards the east. Beach has Blue flag status so even more sensitive. Don’t land among beach goers.




House to the West of Wilderness Beach Hotel /Kleinkrantz

All pilots when flying along the ridge either from Kleinkrantz Car Park or from Wilderness Beach Hotel and heading to west please avoid low flying in front or over the house in this picture where the vehicles are parked,  it’s about 1 km from the Beach Hotel.

These are GPS location 33°59'51.72"S     22°36'8.89"E for house.



Paradise Ridge – Please avoid flying low and looking into beautiful house on the ridge, fly past and enjoy the other 8km of ridge.


Sedgefield - Obey the sign boarded restriction the first house on the ridge flying in westerly direction 1,5 km away.


Serpentine – Access through coded gate (GPS: 33°58'57.50"S  22°36'55.82"E); contact the club and don’t climb over the fence. Landing at Ebb and Flow (GPS: 33°59'21.42"S  22°36'33.57"E) is allowed but the main landing is the Island lake (GPS: 33°59'23.30"S  22°38'4.30"E) and the piece of land next the road opposite the Polo fields (GPS: 33°59'12.77"S  22°37'49.62"E). Don’t land in Polo fields or any of surrounding fields due to the horses.


Gerrickes Point – Please pay the fees at entrance entering without paying correct fees will earn you a life ban from this site. Guides take note one of your party transgresses your whole company will be banned by the owner. Smoking and fires even within the vehicle will result in life ban from this site and same applies to Guides. This area is a private nature reserve and the owner lives downwind from the launch. Don’t speed as the road is narrow and the owner uses it daily.


Goosevalley  - All pilots call Deon Borrett before going to fly 072 1990622 as owner wants warning that pilots will be using his property so he can pass on special rules for the day. Don’t drive into lands. Don’t drive on tracks after rains. No smoking or fires, life ban will be a result if you transgress. The area is Protea and wild flowers harvesting area as well the threat of legal ramifications for both owners in regard to fire control.


Uplands – Please contact Observer before flying.  No commercial activity without prior arrangements with owner.


Hartenbos – Car Park. The Grass Launch Site in front of House is closed!

Only the Public Park to the west is open. Respect property owners and try not to trample the dunes.


Dana Bay – Some sites are on private land, respect neighbor’s rights andcontact Observer before flying.


General rules on behavior:

1.       Don’t fly low over houses and loiter or shout or become a nuisance for the landowners.

2.       Don’t enter into fights or arguments with landowners, retreat quietly even if you think yourself in the right and then inform the club.

3.       Obey all the rules of Authorities like San Parks, Municipality, Town Council, ATC and naturally SAHPA.

4.       Call Observers before flying sites in if you not sure of rules, ignorance is not an excuse.




Please go to for full site list and other special rules. Please note the Website is under construction so not all the details are perfect or complete please call the local Observers before flying new sites. Their details can be found on the Committee list otherwise contact relevant committee member. Skywings sign boards are being re-made with all new rules and regulations. This will take up to 3 months but just refer to website when in doubt.


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